Women in Martial Arts

By Linda

Women should take martial arts because it's empowering. There's nothing like being able to take care of yourself or the ones you love. More and more women every day become involved in martial arts and here at the United Studios Belmont location, we have a number of female students of all ages.

Women are also big on getting into shape. Martial Arts is a great, safe physical workout that not only helps burn calories but gives you a skill for life. No matter what age or shape you're in, we can tailor a program to fit your individual needs.

Self-Confidence is also gained during your training. There's nothing like knowing that you could handle a situation if you needed too. There are stories every day of women surviving because they had the tools. Here at United Studios of Self Defense we will give you those tools and teach you how to use them safely and effectively.

I always tell my students, martial arts is 90% mental. You're not only training your body. You're training your mind. Remember, a strong mind will drive your body to do amazing things.

So ladies, it's time to be amazing!


Master Linda Tomasello



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