Our April 2018 Beach Test is almost here! Here are a few pics from last year's beach test.


One of our fellow USSD Female Instructors wanted to share her story of being a mom in the martial arts. Stephanie Alberts is an inspiration to mom's everywhere, and I'm proud to share her journey....

"I started training in the Martial Arts when I turned 31. Twenty years ago, before Martial Arts became even more ‘main-stream’ than it is today, I can recall standing in the back of the class feeling like ‘the old lady in the white belt’. After all, everyone knows that players in football, hockey, baseball, basketball, etc. to name a few, ‘age out’ in their 30’s. The next ‘oldest’ student at the time was 20.

Yet, here I was, a beginner, not...

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We will be CLOSED for the Thanksgiving Holiday from Thursday November 23rd-Sunday November 26th.Happy Thanksgiving!

Come visit our newly remodeled dojo!

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At a recent conference designed to educate professionals on personal safety, I witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon; Pepper Spray (Mace) and Tasers sold out in minutes.

You could get a mini Taser designed as a lipstick, humorously called the ‘Zapstick’, a smart cell phone stun gun, and less I forget, ‘Pretty in Pink’ pepper spray. They even threw in manly ‘looks like a flashlight and screw driver’ for good measure.

“I don’t need to know how to defend myself, I have a Taser!” or “I bought my daughter Pepper Spray, she’ll be safe at college” are statements I have heard more than I care to repeat throughout my career as a...

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USSD Is Closed for Halloween on Oct 31st, 2017

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster!Fire Roosters are active, funny, and popular in crowds.Roosters love to talk, they are outspoken about their beliefs, can be brutally honest, and are loyal to those they love. They enjoy being the center of attention and are happy when they are in large crowds.Since Roosters enjoy sports, martial arts is a great outlet for the Roosters boundless energy. The group classes give the Rooster the ability to flourish in a crowd setting plus help them burn off the stress that is normal for the Rooster. Private lessons allow the Rooster to build their skills and will add to the Roosters easy confidence.We at United Studios of Self Defense are looking forward to c...

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