United Studios Hosts the Shaolin Monks of China!

By Linda

Recently, United Studios of Self Defense hosted the Shaolin Monks of China for the first time ever in beautiful San Francisco. During those two days, we held a Tournament, Test and a Seminar with the Shaolin Monks. The test was one of the largest tests in United Studios of Self Defense's history with over 250 students present!

Pictures don't do the test justice because there was nothing like experiencing the energy of 250 people moving in time to a command. To watch Professor Charles Mattera, Hanshi Jack Turner, and Hanshi Richard Black command the group like a well-oiled machine. To see the kids eyes spark with intensity as they punched and kicked and gave it their all. To watch adults of all ages and ranks not only push past their limits but smash through them with every strike of their fists and kick of their foot. To see the sweat rolling down their cheeks, the looks of exhaustion and the smiles of pride as they put on their new ranks made the day even more incredible.

To top off the day, we also had the honor to witness the Blue Angels Flying over head. To hear the roar of their engines rock the building as they performed their maneuvers over the San Francisco skyline. It was a powerful day, full of energy, respect, and the type of commitment that can only be witnessed when people strive to achieve their goals.

The Shaolin Monks were amazing and put their time into teaching us one of their forms. Needless to say, many people were sore the next day from testing and their workout with the monks but if you asked any of them if it was worth it, you would hear a resounding YES!

All in all it was a great two days filled with a lot of special memories. I hope all those that read this were there to share it with us, but if not, I hope I painted a beautiful picture of a truly amazing day!



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