2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster! Fire Roosters are active, funny, and popular in crowds. Roosters love to talk, they are outspoken about their beliefs, can be brutally honest, and are loyal to those they love. They enjoy being the center of attention and are happy when they are in large crowds. Since Roosters enjoy sports, martial arts is a great outlet for the Roosters boundless energy. The group classes give the Rooster the ability to flourish in a crowd setting plus help them burn off the stress that is normal for the Rooster. Private lessons allow the Rooster to build their skills and will add to the Roosters easy confidence. We at United Studios of Self Defense are looking forward to celebrating the Year of the Rooster with ...

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Coupon valid from 12/13/2016 to 12/23/2016. Coupon Code: W8XGLSK4

Coupon valid from 12/13/2016 to 12/23/2016. Coupon Code: P71ICR8H

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United Studios of Self Defense has been an integral part of the Belmont community since 1994. We are a family-oriented school which offers martial arts classes to Men, Women, and children.

United Studios of Self Defense originally started in New Jersey in 1968 by Professor Charles Mattera, 10th Degree Black Belt. It is due to the Professors knowledge and our constant training as Professional Instructors that we are able to pass on thousands of years of knowledge that is directly linked to the Shaolin Temple in China. The Kempo system is a mixture of Shaolin Kung-fu, karate, and jiu-jitsu. Every skill from punching to kicking to weapons is taught. We also have dozens of Shaolin forms that have been passed down to us from the Shaolin Temple.


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In today's society, children spend a lot of time behind computers playing video games or chatting with their friends by text. With physical education, in some schools, being an elective or not taught at all, it's important that parents find creative and fun ways to encourage their children to exercise.

In the United States, it is estimated that over 5 million children either take or have taken martial arts at some point in their life. Martial arts has many benefits for children but the number one reason that many children are getting into martial arts is for health and fitness.

Child obesity rates are on the rise in our country and it is one of the main reasons parents are looking for martial arts as an outlet. Since not all children are a...

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Recently, United Studios of Self Defense hosted the Shaolin Monks of China for the first time ever in beautiful San Francisco. During those two days, we held a Tournament, Test and a Seminar with the Shaolin Monks. The test was one of the largest tests in United Studios of Self Defense's history with over 250 students present!

Pictures don't do the test justice because there was nothing like experiencing the energy of 250 people moving in time to a command. To watch Professor Charles Mattera, Hanshi Jack Turner, and Hanshi Richard Black command the group like a well-oiled machine. To see the kids eyes spark with intensity as they punched and kicked and gave it their all. To watch adults of all ages and ranks not only push past their limi...

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With society continually changing, how we teach our children to be safe is always changing too. No longer are the days when are parents told us to stay out until the lights came on outside. Those were the days before cell phones, personal computers and the ability to reach someone with a simple press of a button.

Long ago, one of my Sensei's told me that as we as humans became smarter, we lost some of our animal instincts. You remember what those are. That nagging voice in your subconscious that alerts you to the fact that somethings wrong or there's potential danger ahead. Now, most of us have no idea what's going on around us because we're too busy taking selfies or posting funny quotes on Facebook. Not only are we more oblivious to th...

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